Available courses

This is part two of the "Sustainability Monitoring" course and will learn you how to use the Sustainability Index, a tool to assess the likelihood of sustainability of WASH services. We advise you to first follow part one "Sustainability Monitoring Framework" of the course.

This course will help participants with:

  • Understanding how the Sustainability Index is measuring sustainability
  • How to use the Sustainability Index for analyzing sustainability

Access to the course is currently upon invitation only.

This is part one of the "Sustainability Monitoring" course and will take you through the Sustainability Monitoring Framework including an introduction to the Sustainability Index developed by IRC for the WASH Alliance International. 

The course will help participants to look into the following questions: 

  • How can I plan for sustainability of my project interventions?
  • What is the background of the tool for measuring the likelihood of sustainability - the Sustainability Index?

Access to the course is currently upon invitation only.

This module introduces life-cycle costing, its underlying principles and key components.

A module on how life-cycle costing can be adapted and integrated in the work of organisations and government institutions.

This module explains how life-cycle costs and service levels can be analysed in order for it to be used as part of budgeting and planning of sustainable water and sanitation service delivery.